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  • Let's Rethink Debugging
    video, slide. PyCascades 2021.

  • 从零开始做播客
    video, slide, PyCon China 2020

  • Python 调试新思路
    2019 PyCon China 上海站演讲

  • Awesome Chrome Extension!
    Lunch sharing in my group.

  • HTTP/2 Introduction
    Lunch sharing in my group.

  • Concurrent.futures: history, usage, internal, future
    A 30-minutes talk I gave at PyCon2014 China(Beijing). I tried to make clear why concurrent.futures is brought into Python beyond how to use it, explore the internal implementation of Future.result() and ProcessPoolExecutor, and finally explained why we should use it.
    在 PyCon2014 北京场做的主题演讲,主要针对 Python3.2引入的 concurrent.futures。我试图理清这个模块被引入的前因后果,同时也讲到了一部分底层的实现,最后说明了为什么我们应当使用这它。

  • FBT客户端内幕:Node.js 和 node-webkit
    A talk at OpenCAS seminar. I talked about the technology we use to build FBT client.
    在中科院开源软件协会技术交流会上作的关于 FBT 客户端技术实现的演讲

  • Python HTTP
    A talk at OpenCAS seminar on how to use Python to do HTTP related tasks, and showed a full example of crawling posts from This program can be found in my "Projects".
    在中科院开源软件协会技术交流会上的演讲,关于 Python HTTP 相关任务,也概述了 HTTP 的基础知识。展示了一个完整的 Python 爬虫的例子——把人人网自己的日志都down下来

  • Python Generators and Python Context Manager
    A talk at OpenCAS seminar.

  • Python First Class
    My first talk at OpenCAS seminar. I introduced Python to students told them how to start learning it.
    我第一次在中科院开源软件协会技术交流会上作演讲,介绍了 Python 语言,并引导同学们学习 Python