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Stars Don’t Make Me Happy. Feedbacks Do.

Like many other programmers, I used to get hyped when somebody stars my project on GitHub. However, I find myself becoming less and less excited about it. It's not to say that I hate it. Nobody hates stars, and I'm still happy to see the number grows. Yet, I found something that values more to me: user feedbacks.

So what are user feedbacks? Almost anything you can think of counts: issues, comments, questions, suggestions, PRs, articles, usage, etc. Feedbacks show that people are actually using your project, and it can help you improve. A negative feedback is way better than no feedback, because it tells you what you should work on next.

Feedbacks usually comes as a natural result of exposure. More people know it thus more people use it. But sometimes, you got a bunch of stars, yet nobody gives you any feedback. That's the situation Cyberbrain is currently facing, which bothers me a lot. Tian said he has a similar feeling for VizTracer, also xintao for iRedis. Why is it bothering? Because it leaves you in a clueless state, and you keep doubting yourself: am I doing good? Am I doing bad? Why do people seem to be interested but don't really use it? Do I just sit and wait, or should I reach out to some of the people, but whom? What should I work on next, are the planned features what users need the most?

I don't have an answer, and I hope it's because people are already satisfied or shocked by Cyberbrain. Luckily, I did receive some feedback from my friends, and I want to say thank you to all of you. It matters a lot to me.

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