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  • rsshub-zhihu-helper
    如果你希望通过 RSSHub 浏览知乎,这个项目或许可以帮到你。

  • pdir2
    A replacement for Python's builtin dir() function that gives you pretty printed result, and a lot more.

  • zhihu-card, HTML/JavaSrcipt/Go
    Card to show your profile on There has been a long lack of a way for programmers to show their zhihu account on their websites, so as a programmer, I decided to do something about it. I also wrote an article on zhihu about this project.

  • ezcf, Python
    Import configuration file for humans. You can directly import JSON/YAML/INI/XML just the same way as importing .py!

  • PyPunchP2P, Python
    Python p2p chat client/server with built-in NAT traversal (UDP hole punching).

  • This Blog, Django

  • DumpRenrenPosts2Markdown, Python
    Dump the blogposts you wrote on renren to markdown/html format.

  • VideoChat, Javascript
    A video chat plugin to elgg

  • Manga Image Split, Python
    Split images that contain two pages into two separate images.

  • Partition, C++, Windows only
    Choose two windows from your running programs, fill your screen in with them in arbitrary proportion.

  • FileFinder, C++, Windows only
    Find files of certain types, play music.

  • Bad Apple Console, C++, Windows only
    A console program to play the famous "Bad Apple" video